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Dwen Gyimah Beanie Hats Red Blue Black White
(MOST POPULAR) Dwen Gyimah Lightning Beanies £25
1 Size Fits All 


Dwen Gyimah | iPhone Cases with Scan Technology £5 (£5.99 Postage)
Scan The Phone Case With Your Phone Or Tablet’s Camera For A Secret Page Access

Phone Model

Dwen Gyimah SAMSUNG Chrono Cases | With Scan Technology £6 Coming Soon!

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Lightning Hoodies

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Dwen GyimahLegacy ‘Brights T-Shirts £25

Dwen Gyimah Shop Magic Mug Cups
Dwen Gyimah Magic Mugs £14.99
The Design Will Appear When Warm Water Is Poured Inside!

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Dwen Gyimah | Legacy T-Shirts £25


Dwen Gyimah | Double Sided Pillow £30

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After Getting Your Order: 1. Scan The Front Of The Packaging’s QR Code With Your Phone/Tablet’s Camera Or Snapchat Camera. Where the “Play Package” Logo is seen. That will give You Access To A Special  Page.  2. Click Your Screen To Enter The Special Page Where You Can Win More Awesome Dwen Gyimah Prizes, Monthly Give Aways For All DG FANZzz!

All Products  Ships Internationally Customer Service Email For Merch: gyimahmerch@gmail.com , All Products Made With High Quality Material & Official Licensed By Dwen Gyimah Products.

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